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Rarotonga is the largest of the series of coral atolls known as the Cook Islands. Renowned for its blissful climate and stunning scenery, Rarotonga is the most popular of the Cook Islands and an excellent holiday destination. Offering a gentler and more laid back focus to that of other Pacific nations, visitors love its natural beauty and breathtaking physical drama.

The Island's bush covered volcanic peaks descend to terraces, where further down, the flat lands planted with tropical fruits and taro, give way to shimmering white sands and palm-fringed blue lagoons.

Perhaps the true heart of Rarotonga is found in its warmhearted people and their unhurried way of life.

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Key information on Rarotonga...

  Getting around
Welcome to a world without traffic lights!  Getting around Rarotonga is easy - buses circle the island and obligingly stop where you wish. Another option is by scooter and it is quite common to see these carrying the entire family! Whichever mode of travel you choose, it will be a relaxing way to enjoy the sight of villages, beaches and agricultural fields. If you enjoy exploring, take an intrepid tour up into the hinterland and the hills to a lush rain forest. Hear legends of wars, weddings, love affairs and animosities, along with stories of a forgotten world. Some of the best preserved coral churches in the South Pacific are found in Rarotonga! Whatever you choose to see and do, there'll be an abundance of flora and fauna to admire on the way.
  Tropical Surroundings
The 32km circumference of Rarotonga is surrounded by a sapphire blue lagoon – the flash of multi-coloured tropical fish glimpsed in the sunlight, adds a shot of vibrancy. The fringe of pearly white sand is lined with swaying palms and the crashing waves of the coral reef promise a successful catch to intrepid fishermen. The island of Rarotonga offers warm temperatures and a relaxed ambience that will be hard to forget when the time comes to go. 
  Experience the Culture
Tradition and a cultural heritage are symbols of the island. The call of the drum pounding out a tattoo on hollowed tree trunks, is a talent taught from childhood. Music is a part of island life and marks the daily routine in Rarotonga; from the chants and hymns heard in the churches, to the string bands of electronic and traditional ukuleles made from coconut shells. Get ready to swing your hips at the ura piani - join the skillful, island dancers in a fast drumbeat. Traditional arts and crafts of weaving, carving and painting are a vital part of the Rarotonga heritage which is nurtured with great pride. 
Rarotonga and Cook Islands

Rarotonga and Cook Islands

Pacific Resort Rarotonga

Pacific Resort Rarotonga

Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa

Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa

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